Launch pad to Africa

South Africa is ideally suited to be a launch pad to business entry into Africa. We successfully “exported” MTN now a global telco, and Walmart’s foray into Africa will start with its acquisition of Massmart South Africa. South Africa’s stable government, legislative environment and business friendly community all bode well for this place at the tip of the continent.
The dictum of “here be dragons” must surely now read “here be giants” and the giants go by the names MTN, Ecobank and Shoprite amongst others. These giants all answer though to the same call name that is “Opportunity”. HERE BE GIANTS INDEED

So many people doing good things

South Africans are just doing it for themselves. I know so many great people who have decided that they will stop complaining and start doing something. Whether it’s doing youth work in the townships like Alexander or Soweto. Teaching dance, music, helping out with home work classes, or showing whole communities how to grow vegetables in plastic tunnels so they feed themselves. South Africans are doing it for themselves or helping others do it. What about the Gift of the Givers, who send aid around the world, to Haiti, to Afghanistan or now to Libya. Or the South African mining company that sent the equipment and the personnel to Chile to free the miners who were trapped down a shaft, or the the rescue personnel who assist with search and rescue with specially trained dogs. I salute them all, because they are why I love South Africa.

Soweto-Wandies-Vilakazi Street

I just love Soweto. The people, the place, the whole vibe just speaks of entrepreneurship, opportunity and industriousness,(is that a word?) I visted Wandies today, a township restaurant of international renown. The service is excellent, the food is great and the prices are reasonable.


Vilkazi Street, another famous tourist attraction is a must see, Mandela’s House is a national treasure and the house of Bishop Desmond Tutu is also close by. It is only here on Vilakazi Street that you will find not one but two Nobel Peace Prize winners in the guise of Nelson Mandela and Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu. There are also numerous restaurants and other places of interest.

Visiting Soweto I can find a hundred reasons why I love South Africa.


My Soweto cry

Soweto Soweto oh land of plenty

From tin shack and shanty

Roof to roof, wall to wall.

Filled with kind from every call

From the young and strong,

we are all filled with a similar song

leave me be,

Set me free,

(c) Sunny Morgan-2011

A perfect gift

I love South Africa because when I reflect on Valentine’s Day I know South Africa gave the ultimate  gift to many the world over. The first heart transplant was done on 3 Dec 1967 at Groote Schuur Hospital by Dr. Christiaan Bernard and his team. As you exchange gifts of red hearts, spare a thought for the real gift that South Africa gave the world. Another great reason to just love this place!

Groote Schuur Hospital