Voices of descent

There is a growing voice of descent in the land and it is growing louder day by day. What started out a as whisper, then a murmur has how become audible to those who care to listen. Labour strikes, political leadership and a genneral disapproval with the status quo is giving amplification to the discourse.

The essence of this dissatisfaction in my opinion has noting to do with who leads the ruling party, as some uninformed regularly postulate. The real issue is poverty and all it’s vices and complications.
Empty stomachs, sub standard housing , poor health care and sporadic education all ferment the argument.

The succession debate, visclating leaders and self serving politicians offer little or no hope of calming matters, rather these issues add fuel to the tinder box. The flint that will spark the fire will surely come if we continue in our blissful ignorance of the growing dissatisfaction of the poor.

Those of us in leadership, business, civil society, and faith based organizations who are aware of the impending social upheaval dare not remain silent or complacent. We need to add our voice to the conversation and we need to act ,and we need to act now. ( I will follow up in another post on ideas of what we could start doing)