The People’s Revolution

Today, Jan 25 marks the one year anniversary of the People’s Revolution in Egypt. Tens of thousands across the country¬† marched and many flocked to Tahrir Square to show solidarity for the cause. I am sure that a year ago many of those in the square that day must have dreamt of a NEW EGYPT!. Now a full year later they chant a familiar refrain “Down with the military”. The struggle of the people is not over and democracy has not yet shown her face, yet a eager people still hope!

Ode to Tahrir (Sunny Morgan)

Voices crying in unison,

chanting-give us hope, give us peace,

Pushing, shouting, falling, crying, pleading praying!

Young ones shouting, older ones dreaming, still old ones remembering,

Girls and mothers Standing ,

bold and empowered,

Boys looking up at their fathers

BIG and Proud

Red, white and black faces,

golden eagles rising up!

Take my dreams, and bring me freedom.









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