World Petroleum Congress

This past week South Africa hosted the World Petroleum Congress. This important event, held every four years, brings together the key role players in the industry. OPEC, Gazprom, BP, Shell, Sasol all were here. Countries were also well represented, China, Nigeria, Venezuela and other all showed their muscle.
High powered meeting were the order of the day.  What interested me most was the way China showed off its new found strength. The Chinese stand was by far the largest and most impressive. But for sheer creativity who can beat the locally based company Sasol, they sported a true African touch, a fully grown live Cheetah!
The encouraging thing for me was the emphasis on renewable energy: wind, solar and hydrogen. That the petroleum industry has now shown clear commitment to these sources is a step in the right direction, what has to happen now is that they should back up that commitment with some of the vast resources at their disposal. Who knows how much more oil we are able to find in the future, or for that matter how much gas, but the new fields may be inaccessible or in hostile places. Renewable energy is the way of the future, and the petroleum companies know this, the sooner we see viable projects the better off we will all be, not just us, but future generations as well.