Young people making big plans

I spent yesterday afternoon with some young men talking about learnerships. They are studying at a nearby college and came to see me about vocational work. They were so inspiring in that they wanted to use their spare time in between lessons to get work experience. During the discussion I asked them to each explain their perfect day some time in the distant future and to share with me their really big dreams. One of the team shared this hugely inspiring dream of elevating his clan or tribe to prominence. He inferred that his clan was considered lowly in the eyes of others and he felt that through his success in society and his profession he would like to be remembered as having contributed towards improving that perception. It is this kind of high and lofty idealism that inspires me and reaffirms my fate in the youth of South Africa. The other men had equally high ideals and they are champions in my eyes. I have no doubt that they will achieve greatness in whatever they choose to do. It is because of people like them that I love my country even more.

South African professional talent

I am always amazed with the depth of talent South Africa has. This across all spheres of life, sport, business and professional. I spent this morning with a town-planner who is working on some national projects, in his spare time he runs a feeding scheme for the underpriviledged. My other guest was a female professional who is an engineer, a MBA graduate and a consultant on various megaprojects. She is passionate about the environement, about South Africa, she is also deeply committed to family and thus supports an extended family network. These people make South Africa great.

The environmental consultancy.