Wine Route 62

I am an avid wine collector and love South African wines, reds in particular. I recently found out another reason to just love South African. We have the longest wine route in the world, Route 62, it meanders from Cape Town in the Western Cape through to Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, with a whole lot of interesting places in between.

Route 62

The Fynbos Biome and the Cape Floral Kingdom

Traveling to the Cape I found another reason to love my country. Of the six floral kingdoms on the planet we have one of those right here in our country in its entirety. The Cape Floral Kingdom comprises a number of species and vegetation groups, Fynbos being probably the most famous and synonymous with The Cape region. Visit the Cape and experience this unique heritage and revel in the knowledge that we considered royalty in the flora and fauna kingdoms.

The Cape Floral Kingdom

Cape Town

SA Biodiversity Institute-Kistenbosch Gardens

New gems that you did not know about

I just love that you can discover new places that you did know know about before. Langebaan is such a place and it’s so beautiful that when you first see it you cannot believe you eyes.. This is the ideal spot for kite-surfing for the adventurous and for the rest of us it has white beaches and romantic sunsets. Awesome sights, I just love it here, makes you love South Africa more and more each day.

Langebaan Info