Our existential risk

I like to know what risks I face, what risk my family, my community or my country faces. I want to know whether some terrorist act or natural disaster will wipe us out, and I want to avoid it. Looking at this objectively I happy to confirm that the above two issues won’t likely lead to my extinction and that is good news. There is however something that does scare me and poses a risk to my continued habitation of the lovely blue globe I call home.

Climate change poses the greatest existential risk that humans face. This is not something that I sucked out of my thumb, this is the most scientifically supported admission to date. There is empirical data to support almost every climate change occurrence, whether glacial loss, soil degradation, increasing ocean temperatures or loss of species habitat. Wherever you look you will find evidence of climate change. The challenge for us is to find ways to address these issues and risks.
Get involved now: Whether you support renewable energy, run training courses, do field work or join the Climate Realty Project (www.climatereality.com), I encourage you to get involved in fighting climate change. Do it now before it’s too late