The innovation in our banking system

South Africa has made innovative breakthroughs in many fields and banking is no different. The Mzanzi bank account, a basic banking account for the “unbanked” is a cse in point. There are other initiatives like those of Wizzit Bank and the cell phone products that allow township based consumers and Spaza shop owners to transact.
(Spaza shop : South African slang for a home based informal shop)

Women’s month

South Africans spend the month of August reflecting on women. All aspects relating to women are covered. Women in business. Woman in leadership. The treatment of women, violence against women and the role of women in society. All these topics are covered and one gets a sense that we take this issue very serious indeed.

Rosebank to Hatfield in 38 mins

The face of commuting to Pretoria from Johannesburg has changed forever. The launch of the Gautrain rail service today is another part of the country re-defining its transport infrastructure. It is impressive on all fronts. The real legacy of the system will be a complete rethink of all modes of transport. The Gautrain has set the bar very high and I look forward to other solutions.

A young nation

South Africa is unique in a number of ways. One in particular is that some of the people who built the democracy, who laboured for its establishment or who sacrificed so much to see it become a reality are still alive. Some are old, like Nelson Mandela and some are younger, like Frank Chikane. As a young nation we are blessed to have the architects of our democracy still alive to contribute and tweak.