indigenous plants

Winter takes a heavy toll on gardens but luckily South Africa has a myriad of indigenous plants well suited to the climate at the tip of Africa. The aloe family, savannah grasses and vygie range are all splendid. The clivia species are particularly well suited and the green foliage remains impressive through out winter, that is until the deep orange and sometimes yellow blooms burst out in early spring.

Launch pad to Africa

South Africa is ideally suited to be a launch pad to business entry into Africa. We successfully “exported” MTN now a global telco, and Walmart’s foray into Africa will start with its acquisition of Massmart South Africa. South Africa’s stable government, legislative environment and business friendly community all bode well for this place at the tip of the continent.
The dictum of “here be dragons” must surely now read “here be giants” and the giants go by the names MTN, Ecobank and Shoprite amongst others. These giants all answer though to the same call name that is “Opportunity”. HERE BE GIANTS INDEED