Renewable energy-A national imparative

The current reliance of our country on oil is neither desirable nor
prudent. The turmoil in the Middle East, the war in Iraq and the
uncertainty in Iran, coupled with energy hungry China all lay the ground
work for disaster.

Whilst it is not possible to accurately estimate neither how much oil
lies in reserve nor how much is still untapped, what is certain is this,
the current climate and the erratic oil price spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R for
all those dependent on the gooey black stuff!
One possible solution for the dependence may be renewable energy. Solar,
wind and biomass are all viable alternatives. The US$ 70 spike in the
price in 2005 has left many former skeptics more will to listen. Brazil
can already claim some success in oil depending, having created a viable
ethanol alternative. Brazilian energy authorities claim that the country
is “energy independent”, this is an ideal that we all should strive for.

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