The world as we knew it no longer exists

The world as we knew it no longer exists.

Everyday I am confronted with the notion that the world is changing. From my little corner of South Africa I am reminded daily by news coverage 24/7 that I am not alone. I cry when someone looses his or her life unnecessarily, whether that life if lost in Johannesburg, Cape Town, New Orleans, Thailand or Baslan. I am connected to each and every person all over the world. I am truly a citizen of the world.
How can I not feel remorse when someone dies, how can I not feel pride when someone overcomes adversity, how can I not be in shock when nature unleashes it fury on the world.

I belong to the world, and the world belongs to me, I yearn to be there with you in what ever situation you find yourself today, and if cannot be there in person, that I will do in my power to be there by talking about your plight, by supporting organizations that help you, by learning about your situation and by agitating for your just cause, I do this because I am a citizen of this world, as you are.

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