Its a bloody disgrace!!!!

The slow response of the American government and federal authorities to the plight of hundreds of thousands of people in New Orleans and most of the Gulf Coast is a bloody disgrace. I watched in horror as people died in wheelchairs, on the road and in the streets. For goodness sake this is America,land of the brave!. People are dying and all the federal government does is have press
conferences asking people to be patient. What is this, this is a failure of the plans, the strategies, of FEMA, of the government and of the leadership.
Playing the race card and the wealth and poverty card now may seem insensitive, but am I the only one noticing that the majority of people I see on CNN suffering are black, and if not black then from the interviews most ask is it because they are not wealthy.I heard the radio interview of Mayor Nagin, and I salute him for having the courage to criticize the leadership and the slow response.
I believe that in all the scenarios this kind of disaster must have been discussed, why then is the response so weak, so ineffective and so amateurish.
Stop pontificating, stop playing politics, most of all stop those idiotic comments like “Our hearts go out to the people of New Orleans blah blah blah….”, Don’t tell them SHOW them!!!!

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