Shock and horror!

All is quite on the political front here in South Africa. That is perhaps a desirable situation in that boring politics means thing are under control and ticking over nicely, its when there is fireworks that one needs to worry.

The biggest news making the front pages of all the major newspapers is the story of a murder that took place a year ago in Johannesburg South Africa. A 21 year old university student was kidnapped, held for ransom, and was then murdered after the ransom was paid.
What makes this story so chilling for me is that I knew this person convicted for the murder. Today he was sentenced to life in prison. I am still in shock. I heard about his involvement when he was arrested about 10 months ago. All this time form July 2004 to now, July 2005 I never believed that he was guilty, I thought that he was perhaps protecting something or some thing like that, but when he confessed in court on the 25 July as the trial was about the start I was shocked. His confession was so chilling and calculating that I actually got quite a fright thinking about it. As I said I knew this young man. I saw him at church meeting, at various functions, I even have a few photographs of him taking part in a walk. He dated someone I knew, he seems so calm and so cool. I still cannot believe that it is the same person. What I cannot fathom, is what changed in this man, what compelled him to do what he did, petty crime I can perhaps understand, but kidnapping, extortion and ultimately murder I cannot believe. The chilling alternative is that noting changed, and that he was a psychopath all along….

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