The bomb blasts in Egypt

This is way too late to be relevant. Even as an activist, and an African one at that, I am guilty of ignoring the enormity of the bomb blast in Egypt. I had so much to say about the London attacks but when it came to the resort bombing I was silent. Why is that? Am I insensitive, Anglo-centric or just plain racist. I sound as if I am being hard on myself, and that’s okay, I just felt that I was ignoring the blasts in Egypt. I have examined my feelings about both incidents and I feel repulsed by the violence, equally in both cities.

The main-stream media gave more prominence to the London bombings and so maybe more viewers were influenced or concientised to these incidents. I think the former incident got more coverage than the latter simply because by the time of the second incident, the third if you count the failed attempt of 21 July, we were de-sensitized to the events. This must be it, if not, than maybe it something darker…

Thus the importance of this type of media, the blogesphere in particular is so important. We, the bloggers, people with opinions and views can be more powerful than the main stream media in
influencing opinion. The big problem though is the lack of access to computers, Internet facilities and literacy skills. We are making progress, but so much more needs to be done.

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