London under siege!

Was it not just a short time ago that we saw the devastation in New York. I can clearly remember that day in Sept 2001, and now again we look at London and see it all over again. Whilst writing this I am listening on the TV to a speech by the queen commemorating the veterans of WWII. It is indeed poignant to note that these very people that she is commemorating, some even in the audience witnessed the London Blitz sixty years ago! and now again they are witness to bombs going off inLondon. What is it that they say about history? that it has a habit of repeating………

My heart goes out to the many who have died, the hundreds who have been injured and the many more who will be traumatized about this for some time to come. In the hunt for the perpetrators, in the many Q&As to follow, in the analysis and the dissection of the reasons for the attacks one must not loose sight of the larger issues at stake. Whilst not condoning these attacks in the least, the British authorities must ask this one question before all others:
” What drives men and women to such hatred that they will risk life and limb to kill and maim.”

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